More Pics from the Zoutpop gig

On one of the pictures in the first series you saw a picture of two people filming the gig and Timo from taking pictures. He sadly lost his card with hundreds of pics, taken during the festival.
Now, two months later he found it back. What a miracle: the card was in an empty suitcase which he had to pack for his holiday.
We are glad to have permission to use a selection of the pictures here before they will appear on (which is a site with a lot of concert pictures). We appreciate it really.
What you get is close-ups of all ten musicians involved.
More pictures will show up at when Timo returns from his holiday (we will let you know).

Master Of Ceremony: Kazz (vocals, keyboards)

André Romita (guitars)

Bas Slaa (keyboards)

Toots Peulen (bass)

Robert Buitink (drums)

Hugo Waltmann (mouth harp)

The Kazzettes (from left to right):

Janny van Olst (backing vocals)

Yempke Janssens (backing vocals)

Titia Tas (backing vocals)

Hella van Honschooten (backing vocals)

So long!