Kazz at various occasions (2000-2010)

Kazz made a short appearance at Lucky’s Swingnight on Oct. 22 2010.
This was one of his DJ places back in the 70s. Thanx for the pics.

Kazz spotted in Giethoorn at The Drijf-In Festival 2010, selling CDs (pic: Hella)


Hey, that guy’s got rhythm. Kazz on jambee, Nix Jam, 2006

Is it Rick Emerson or Keith Lord or Jon Wakeman?

No, it’s not Ozzy playin’ the Hammond, 2006

Kazz at the premier performance of his electronic work Transformation, Febr. 2006

Kazz plays the Ammond at The Nix, 2006

Kazz at a rare DJ performance. 2005

Hi From the Dark, 2007

Everyone now and then Kazz still plays bass at jams

A shot from the Giethoorn Jam, 2008

Jamming with Buddy X at The Giethoorn Drijf-In Festival, 2008