Unreleased KAZZ song on YouTube

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For the B.LOOSE album KAZZ wrote many songs. Only 7 were recorded. One of the skipped songs is ‘Chinese restaurant’, a slow blues song about a divorced couple who meet again after 30 years at a restaurant table. Kazz didn’t want two slow blues songs on the album, so he dropped this one, favoring ‘Good Day For The Blues’.
The song was performed twice during jamsessions at the Nix BBBluesclub in Enschede in 2008.
The good news: We have traced one of these rare sessions on YouTube. Find this footage in our YouTube section here

This is the first performance where lyrics were unfinished with Remi and Geert on guitars and Pieter on sax. A second performance (with full lyrics) was included on the limited edition bonus CD (all gone!) that came with the first edition of B.LOOSE.

Also find new additions to The Q’s & A’s section.

If you have or find any pics or filmed stuff with KAZZ featured, please let us know! We appreciate it!

By the way, Dec. 4th is Kazz’ birthday!

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