Thank You, Regensburg

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I was in Regensburg, Germany, in the weekend of November 12th.
Invited by Mikey and Gabi, a very special couple who I met eleven years ago at a tecno party in Munich where I was playing in the chillout room. Gabi asked me if I would like to come over to their place to perform a Living Room Concert. I had to think about it for a minute. It would mean a 700 km drive (and back) for just one gig. Well, I did it and did it again in 2001. Met a lot of interesting people, all lovers of electronic music. About a third of my first live album was recorded there.

Picture this. A farm just outside of Regensburg. And behind the farm there is a huge barn. Mikey, who took over the farm from his father when he died, transformed the barn into a nice meeting place for friends, all who love electronic music ofcourse.

So I was delighted that Mikey invited me to come over again after 10 years after he heard On Whispered Dreams.

It was a great party. And a lot of old familiar faces, who I had’t met in ten years, though some of them have been keeping in contact with me via mails.
About 250 people turned up. From some I knew they had downloaded On Whispered Dreams.

From 20.00 hours I played some well known EM classics over the huge soundsystem. And by 23.00 hours it was time to start off.
My first ever gig without any musical instruments. No keyboards, synths of whatsoever. It was only me with my Mac. A soul alone on a dark stage, that was only lit by some candles.

I performed the full On Whispered Dreams album. Plus two new long pieces, which, by the way, will be available for you in a short while. During the intermissions I got requests to play Tim Blake’s New Jerusalem (as I did 10 years ago). I was prepared for that, so I had the backing music prepared on my hard disk. This was the last time I have performed the track. I won’t do it again.
All in all I played four sets and by 4.30 AM it was over, when Mikey thanked me for coming over.
And then ofcourse, it was party time. Had some fine chats and enjoyed the white wine.

Thanks Gabi and Mikey for being great hosts.
Thanks to all who were there.
I enjoyed every minute of it.

With love From Me To You,

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