Next up: First solo recording by Kazz for free download

Posted on: November 13th, 2010 by KAZZ Show   |   1 Comment

From various mails that came in, we know some people are looking forward to it.
It will take just a couple of days before we have up it here for you FOR FREE:
the very first, very rare solo recording by Kazz, available for free for all of you, which hasn’t been available since 1987.

Watch out for this.
We have for you the CD cover and inner sleeve, which show the original hand-drawn artwork, done by Kazz himself

Recorded back in 1983 and released only on cassette (anybody remembers cassettes, not Kazzettes?).
Titled TOO FAR AWAY PLACES and released as CASSE, as his name was spelt then.
More on this in just a couple of days.

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  1. norbert says:

    juhu ;-) iám looking forward toooooooo

    lieben gruß norbert auch von elke !!!