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The new KAZZ album is called RAINBOROUGH.

The tittle is a kind of wordgame. Just try to translate the German city Regensburg in English and there you have it.

The music was recorded during Kazz’ solo performance on Saturday Nov. 12 2011 in Regensburg at Mikey’s Barn. Just the exact same place where Kazz recorded a part of his first live album ‘encores’ in 2001.


Apart from performing the full On Whispered Dreams set Kazz had prepared two new compositions. They were both long tracks and it is these tracks that make up RAINBOROUGH.


So this is what you get:


The original live recording was running for 55 minutes. Kazz has edited the track down to a mere 39 minutes. And it’s a feast for fans of classic electronic music. It may remind some to his older albums.

The track opens extremely soft with a kind of flutesound, with a slow heartbeat bass coming after two minutes and a nice choir singing, still very very soft. In minute 9 sequencer combinations roll in and the party starts rolling with various sequencer combinations until 23 minutes into the track. An ambient section follows with some sampled voices coming form all sides which slowly builds into the next rhythmic section. Kinda cinematic. The final 7 minutes have a slow tempo, with a riff reminding of Rainbow’s Stargazer theme.

Yes, it is a long one, and definitely worth the live experience.



The second track, clocking in with some 21 minutes, was the final encore of the performance at Regensburg, played at 4AM in the morning (hence the title). It can be roughly divided in an atmospheric part (first 12 minutes) and a rhythmic sequencer based part.


That’s in short what to expect.

Now you have to wait until Sunday when the album will be available through this website (again FOR FREE!!!).

Kazz hopes to finish a short promovideo, recorded with his webcam during the show, to coincide with the release of the album.

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