Kazz opens Zoutpop Festival May 24

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We have the latest for you now.

KAZZ will be opening the Zoutpop Festival, starting 12.00 hours (midday, that is!!!)
So make sure to get up early.

Kazz and band have been rehearsing some stuff and this is what is he tells us:

We have been rehearsing a couple songs from the B.LOOSE album. The live band differs a bit from the studio setup. On guitar and drums André Romita and Robert Buitink will play. They also played on B.LOOSE. There have been two new musicians added.
On bass there is Martin Peulen, an experienced musician who can almost play everything.
On keyboards we have a welcome addition with Bas Slaa, a talented young musician. Adding the Kazzettes that makes 9 people on stage. We hope you all come and support. This will be the very first time this songs will be performed live.I am really looking forward to the show.

As said before, The Zoutpop Festival takes place on Monday May 24th in Boekelo, Netherlands. It is very close to the city of Enschede.
There is no fee, so it is for FREE.
It is known as the smallest but cosiest festival of the country.
You won’t be bored with 20 acts on 2 stages between 12 o’clock midday and 18.00 o’clock, a flee market on the village streets, all pubs open, children attractions.
The Zoutpop organisation have (again) succeeded in getting some of the most interesting bands. Some very young, and some a bit older, like Appie Daalmeijer, who will close the festival with a solo performance, celebrating 50 years in music, Iike Kazz celebrating 40 years since he wrote his first song (still 10 more years to go, chap)

So, come on with your cameras and send your pictures (see Contact), so can make a nice collage. Put your movies on You Tube and send us the links.

More info on the festival with full program is here

Here is the full line up:

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