The Seventies

In 1971 Kazz got his first acoustic guitar. A bit strange for a boy who was just at that time very much into Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and sorts.
“There were probably two reasons for that. First, my parents couldn’t afford to buy me an electric guitar. Second, that way they hoped to get me away from that loud music, haha.”
From a friend he learned some basic chords and soon found out he could play songs from Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
“It was fun to find out how easy some songs were to play. And I found out you could use the same chords and sing a different melody. And that’s how my songwriting started.”
Kazz started to play for small audiences in public. First at the local swimming pool, and later on a market place in a nearby town. Playing in his own small town was pretty difficult because of the atmosphere there.
“They used to send me away, because they didn’t like the songs, especially when religion was mentioned. This was one of those communities, where religion and politics went hand in hand. Their political party had the majority in the city council. Which meant they did not only decide what their voters should NOT do. It also meant that the other 45 percent had to commit to their idiotic rules. It all comes together in this song “Where Is Your God” on the B.LOOSE album.”

Between 1975 and 1980 Kazz kept a low profile on singing. In those years he earned his money with his DJ jobs in various discotheques. Which was obvious more than the few bucks he earned on the market place.
“I have fond memories of those years. I really liked those jobs, pleasing people with playing music they could singalong to or dance. But I also did tend to play new music, they didn’t know because it wasn’t played on radio. I also used to entertain people with playbacking to hits and lay down sometimes absurd mime shows. That’s where I learned how to entertain people. That experience would become essential when I became a singer in a rock band.”