Early Years

Kazz was born December 1956 in a small town (yes, that small town he sings about on the album) called Rijssen in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. Interest in popmusic quickly grew when he got a mono record player for his 8th birthday. Early favorites were The Who, The Kinks and The Pretty Things.
Still in grammar school he founded his first band in 1968. They called themselves H5. It meant nothing, it just sounded fine.
“It was quite an unusual start. We were 10, 11 and had no money. There were three of us. The drummer had a self-made kit of packaging boxes, The other had a small piano from a toy shop and a small ukelele. I had a selfmade Flying V-like guitar using a telephone membrane as an element, which was amplified through an old radio. We played songs like Callow-La-Vita, Arhur Brown’s Fire and Them’s Gloria. We only played one gig, in the drummer’s garden midwinter in the snow, while schoolfriends where watching.”
These were only first steps in what would become a long career.