Hi Friends

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Hi everybody,


It’s been some time since I last talked to you.

But now the new album has been finished, I have some time for you, my dear friends.


I have had some crazy weeks celebrating my 40th Anniversary as a musician.

As I started as a streetmusician 40 years I thought it might be fun to do that just that once more.

It was fun to play on several market places in the region. To see people’s reactions, or on some occasions no reactions.

In these weeks I went through the highs and lows of being a lone subject.

My biggest problem (ofcourse) was handling the guitar which I hadn’t played for 33 years. Sometimes I just simply left out the chords and sang acapella. Because it’s the song that counts.

I’d like to thank all who joined in and sang all along.

I didn’t have a setlist but here is a list of the songs which were performed:

– Heart Of Gold (Neil Young – the Tom Waits approach)

– Proud Mary (John Fogerty – the Elvis Costello approach)

– Like A Rolling Stone (B. Dylan)

– Fire (Arthur Brown – the acoustic blues version)

– Helpless (Crosby Stills Nash & Young)

– Sears and Roebuck Suit (AJ Roach)

– Pleistocene (AJ Roach)

– Julia Dream (Pink Floyd)

– Blowin’ In The Wind (B. Dylan)

– The End (Doors)

– When A Blind Man Cries (Deep Purple)

– Ben Ik Te Min (Armand)

– Waterfiets (Armand)

– Golf Girl (Caravan)

– Banana Boat Song

– Get Up Stand Up (Bob Marley)

– Roll Over Beethoven (C. Berry)

– Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)

– Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Temptations)

– For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

– So Good So Far (Loudon Wainwright – I’m convinced guitars are really dicks)

+ a couple of new songs I wrote:

= Verwilderst (kinda political love song)

= Als jij gaat

= Zing Woorden Tussen De Regels Van De Haat (originally a Neil Young song on his Harvest album, but now with new lyrics in Dutch)


So far so good. But then I had to work on the On Whispered Dreams album at the same time.

Recording this album was a real challenge. For the first time I didn’t use any musical instruments, which was quite a challenge. It was a struggle really to get it right. Even in the mixing process I had to make dramatic changes and rerecord some stuff.

But in the end I think On Whispered Dreams is quite a great album. Not unlike previous albums. I know a lot of people like the Berlin School approach, but I have to say I am moving away from that.  Still love sequencers as you will hear, but there is more.

I move on, starting work on a new project called Outer Visions, which will keep me occupied for a couple of years. Also I have some ideas for a reggae dub thing. Anyone interested?

This is something I wanted to do for a long time. So now is the time, I guess.

But for now, I hope you like the new album On Whisoered Dreams.

Next thing I have to prepare for my first EM appearance since 2006. Hi Guys at Regensburg, we will meet again after 10 years next month. I am realize looking forward to meet all this crazy people again


With love from me to you,


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