Hello Regensburg

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Hello Friends,

I’d like to say Hi to all who will come to Mikey’s Barn this Saturday.
I am really looking forward to play for you for the first time in ten years.
I am really wondering who will be there. Some of you have been keeping contact with me all over the past years. So I hope you all will make it to Regensburg.
So many memories from my two previous visits. It was Mikey’s wife who I met first at a tecno party in Munich, where I was playing in the chillout room early 2000. She told me about Living Room Concerts they were doing. How much was I surprised when I turned up there the first time in August 2000. A Living Room? It was a huge barn behind their farm, which they had transformed into a meeting point for people who love electronic music.
It was so relaxed with all those peaceful happy people.
So yes, I am looking forward to play for you. And for the first time play the new album live. I have also prepared some new pieces. And there will be a lot of improvisation as usual.
The weather will be nice, not too cold. Not like the previous gigs, which took place in the middle of hot summers. So don’t expect me to play until sunrise this time, haha. I will have a 700 km drive back home on Sunday.

CU all,
with love from me to you,

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