Great news

Posted on: March 17th, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   No Comments

After months of no news at all we have some great announcements.

1. There will be a new Kazz CD called Kazzmology. Release date: expect it by the end of May. It will contain three tracks: Kazzmoron – Kazzmozz – Kazzmology. More info will follow shortly as we have it.

2. Monologue Interieure Rerelease
Kazz is working on an update for his magnum opus. Expect this rerecording release later in the year, including a fifth cd with a special version of Klaus Schulze’s Nuff Said.

3. Work on the Innavision Project has been put aside, due to private subjects.

4. Kazz has sent out messages for some private Living Room gigs later this year. Starting in May, which will include the new material.

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