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Posted on: May 16th, 2010 by KAZZ Show   |   2 Comments

TRANSFORMATION; THE LAST JOURNEY was an album released by Kazz in 2006.
It is an experimental album, call it a soundscape, where Kazz tried to make a soundtrip of how it would it have felt to walk through the area, that was destroyed after the huge fireworks explosion the night after the Big Bang, now 10 years ago
Now, with the tenth ‘anniversary’ of the disaster, Kazz decided to give you the music for free. As he states: “This was probably the most emotional electronic album I have ever recorded and probably never will.”
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2 Responses

  1. Morra says:

    Hey Kazz ,It is a pitty you did not mention the special CD boxes that people might like to become wich belong to your cD transformation.Since this is a part of the artwork i realized in 2006,i tought it to be a good idea to mention this here.I explain: During one month in 1994 Morra collected 400 old and wornout coatsfrom the population of Enchede.Morra built a huge room-tent with these coats,an installation with whispering voices and lighteffects …It was impossible to take all the coats with her when Morra had to leave her studio (2004)That s when she invited the population of Enschede with sissors…The studio was transformed in a textile factory(Enshede used to be a textile-city untill medio seventies).All the coats where torn apart in the happening “The Last Journey” .In 2006 the 400 coats finally ended up in 800 jewelcases and were exposed in the exhibition “Transformation”,in an old textile factory called Balengebouw in Enschede.The title of the artwork: “Manifesto VII:Transformation In Transit”.
    During this exhibition Morra sold piles of 15 boxes on a string for 100 Euro.(still some left)…
    Lets play at ZOutpop!!!!

  2. KAZZ Show says:

    Hi Morra,

    You obviously haven’t read the story you can find in the Discography section, where I display the new liiner notes, reading: ….Ofcourse this download version comes without the original artwork by Morra. But you can still obtain it through the website if you want the real thing…..
    I cán offer music for download, but how the hell can I offer pieces of coats for download. I wish I could, I still have lots of them!
    With love from me to you,