Free Download ON WHISPERED DREAMS (2011)

ON WHISPERED DREAMS is the seventh electronic CD by Kazz and comes 5 years after TRANSFORMATION – The Last Journey, his previous electronic effort.

Here you find all the details of the new album, and finally, at the bottom, you will find your download link. As you may probably know by now, this album is for free, no costs. As Kazz puts it: This is my way of saying Thank You for 40 years of support.

It is not only for free. You are free to redistribute the album, share it with friends or, if you have a blog, put it on and share it with your blog visitors. If you do so, please drop a line in our mailbox, so we namecheck your blog here. Isn’t this a great thing?

On ON WHISPERED DREAMS Kazz introduces a new direction, which is hard to describe. The music has a very varied character, as usual with releases by Kazz, but it is different. TRANSFORMATION was an abstract soundscape and MONOLOGUE INTERIEURE was a summon of all electronic styles you might know. In this 78 minutes opus various musical sceneries come and go.

ON WHISPERED DREAMS is the first album since ENCORES@HOME.DE to feature a picture of KAZZ on the cover. It also brings back the old KAZZ logo.
ON WHISPERED DREAMS is a new electronic audioadventure. The composition is an audio-experience in 11 parts, which all crossfade into each other. Thus the music comes as one long track.

The music was recorded at KAZZ’ home studio, Timeless Sounds between Christmas 2010-August 2011. It was mastered at Meatball Recording Studio by André Romita.
All material was composed, performed, arranged and produced by KAZZ.



Before starting the recording sessions on Dec. 25 2010 KAZZ wrote a poem.


You can now watch and listen to the full album on YouTube. There are 6 clips with fine artwork. The full album has been visualised by Kazz. Go to our YouTube-section


On Whispered Dreams 1 (Fall asleep)
The opening sequence is a peaceful ambient part. Sit back and relax, you might even fall asleep within a couple a minutes and enjoy the rest of the music from your subconsciousness.

On Whispered Dreams 2 (Moving To Deeper Levels)
Then the good old sequencer comes rolling in, slowly, from a far distance up to the front, a reggae like bassline comes in and before you know you’re in the middle of a slow paced rhythm with first brass and then guitar taking the lead.

On Whispered Dreams 3 (Where Cultures Meet And Greet)
In this percussive part sounds from different regions make a unique combination of sound and rhythm. All cultures unite and feel comfortable.

On Whispered Dreams 4 (From Deep Down)
This is the only soundscape on this album, with a clarinet taking the lead voice. There’s no rhythm, no loops, just sound creating the atmosphere. These are 12 minutes of absolute peace of mind. It’s the longest piece of this album.

On Whispered Dreams 5 (Soundtrack For A Dream)
Almost as long is this piece which can be described as your dream’s soundtrack. In the opening piano and stringsquartet set the scene, before a phasing sequencer sets the rhythm for a long rhythmic, but (partly) disharmonic event. But at the end the stringsquartet and piano bring back the peace in mind to dream on.

On Whispered Dreams 6 (Lullaby)
Lullaby is probably the most melodic part of the album. Originally titled Love Song, it is really a song to sleep to. The melody has been put back in the mix obviously to make you hum your own melody line.

On Whispered Dreams 7 (Remember Chet)
With two-and-a-half minutes the shortest album track, this is probably the track you might never expect on a Kazz album. With a Fender Rhodes and standup bass this is a nice jazzy track, which Kazz dedicates to Chet Baker.

On Whispered Dreams 8 (Wander Through Dark Ends)
Here is the old sequencer again, quite a happy part of the dream.

On Whispered Dreams 9 (Dothedub)
A strange track comes up with a kind of reggae dub feel. Fine rhythm though, with a guitar-like solo in the second part.

On Whispered Dreams 10 (The End Of The Dream)
Basically cello and voices, this marks the end of the dream. The cello melody is loosely based on an old Irish folk tune. Hey folks, it’s time to wake up!

On Whispered Dreams 11 (The Happy Goodmorning Wake Up Song)
Yes, every dream has to end, so here is the wake up call with a kind of South-American feel. In the middle section you find a Middle Eastern combination with a synth-sound from the early 70s.Strange but it works. Get ready for a new day. And get ready for a new replay of your Whispered Dreams.

KAZZ In His Own Words
After finishing my bluesrock album B.LOOSE in January 2010 I started working on a new project called Music For Cloudspeakers. But somewhere, about halfway through, inspiration lacked to finish it. It was to be a very ambient project. Someday I will finish it.

By Christmas 2010 I started this new project. Recording ON WHISPERED DREAMS was a challenge because for the first time I haven’t used any keyboard instruments. The only keyboard I used was my computer keyboard, which was pretty tough at times.

I have tried to experiment with some unusual combinations of sounds and rhythms. Like Part 3 where various cultures meet and greet.

This free album comes as a present to you, my dear friends. I celebrated being a musician for 40 years earlier this year. This is my way of saying Thank You! for all support.
You are free to distribute this album as much as you like. Share it with friends. Put it on your blogs (drop me a line if you do so, please).

With love from me to you,

So now, here comes the most important part.
You can download the album in mp3 or aac format (the latter being preferred as it has a better quality). Both come in 320 kpbs. With the download comes an 8 page booklet in PDF format.
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