Band careers

KAZZ sang and played in various groups between 1980 and 1998.


Recorded various demos incl. “The Thundergods Are Coming” between 1980-1983. Various line ups. all included guitarist Wim Pas and Kazz (vocals). No official releases.

Recorded three demos between 1983-1986. The final one was recorded on 24-track equipment. It was going to be mixed in the US but the tape never returned. Line up: Kazz (vocals, keyb.), Stef de Grootheupner (guitar), Raymond de Grootheupner (bass), Gerard Jonkman (drums). No official releases.


Stalingrad (4 track demo – 1988)

Back To Basics (4 track demo – 1989)

Harder Than A Millstone (3 tracks on a CD with three other groups – 1991)

Im Westen Nichts Neues (1 track on a compilation LP – 1992)

Line up: Kazz (voc, keyb), André Romita (gtr), Robert Buitink (dr), Harry Pünt (bass).

Psycho Patch (6 track demo) – 1993
Line up: Kazz (voc, keyb), André Romita (gtr), Robert Buitink (dr), Aldo Quattrocchi (b)

Between 1994 and 1998 the group played various gigs. Though the band had a full set of original material, they never recorded.
Line up:
Kazz (voc, no keyb.), Peter Eilers (drums), Harry van de Ven (keyb.), Ruud De Graaf (guitar), Martin Strootman (bass).

Grail (5 track CD – 1999)
Kazz plays keyboards on this mini album by Grail, featuring ex-Eternal Flame members André Romita (guitar), Robert Buitink (drums), Aldo Quattrocchi (bass), plus vocalist Liesbeth Froom.