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Old rock sounds show up on YouTube

Posted on: December 10th, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   No Comments

Recently music from Kazz’ old band ETERNAL FLAME (1987-1993) has showed up on You Tube.

There is the full 19 minutes first demo STALINGRAD, which was recorded in 1988, exactly 25 years ago.

Secondly you will find the excellent version of ABSENCE OF TIME, which was the first song Kazz and André Romita wrote, but wasn’t recorded until their final PSYCHOPATCH recordings in 1993.

Find the music in the You Tube section here

Some updates

Posted on: November 23rd, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   1 Comment

Kazz played at the Lambooijhuis October 11 with a surprising set.

Curious, Kazz did NOT play anything from Kazzmology, as was expected (being his latest release).

He played 3 sets, improvising on themes from his latest releases, including 2 longer new compositions, which were recorded, eventually for future release . He also played Dance Of A Thousand Smiles, originally composed for the now delayed project InnaVision, which was world’s away from the version he performed it last year with Morra. This was a very moving Xperience, with Kazz doing the vocals as only he can do well (he ain’t Peter Hammill but at times he gets close).

Next, sadly the German dates have been cancelled. Just simply because the driving costs were not guaranteed. Sad but true. But Kazz is on negotiasions to make it happen next summer. Quote: Love to see at the gardens.

The Lambooij huis gig was recorded  and with new additional studio recordings this will lead to a new Kazz release. As a working title FLOWJOB has been heard. But more on that later.

At this very moment, Kazz is busy finalizing a remastered version of his 2004 4CD boxed set Monologue Interieure, which he hopes will coincide with its 10th Anniversary. We can confirm there will be an extra CD including some unreleased material. More details on that later.

And ofcourse, this will be all for free. As it should be.

Kazz plays at Lambooijhuis Oct. 11

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   No Comments

Kazz has revealed details about next week’s live perfromance at the Lambooijhuis, Hengelo, The Netherlands.

Doors are open from 20 hours.

Entrance is FREEEEEEEE!!!!!

Performance will start at 21 hours.

This will be the first public show by KAZZ since the release of KAZZmology earlier this year.

The program will include excerpts or variations from the last three releases: On Whispered Dreams, Rainborough and KAZZmology. No pre-2010 material will be performed.

Also two new compositions will be premiered: “The Beauty And The Beat” and “Sex On The Couch”, of which the latter already has caused some wild expectations here and there. Well, we’ll see.

The Lambooijhuis is situated in the city center of Hengelo:

Langestraat 37, 7551 DX Hengelo

For those not knowing: Hengelo is about 80 km from the German town Munster. Just follow from there the road to Gronau-Enschede.

This will be  the only public appearance by Kazz this year, only to be followed by some private gigs later this Autumn.

Hope to meet some of you!

Kazz’ unannounced appearance at NIX Blues Night

Posted on: August 17th, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   No Comments

Last Thursday the annual Nix Open Air Blues Festival took place in Enschede, Kazz’ hometown.

As a complete surprise he took the stage at 2 AM with the Smugglers Blues Band’s final song.

Watch it now! (more…)

Update for upcoming live shows

Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   No Comments

Kazz has revealed that the upcoming live shows will contain three (approx) 45 minutes sets, including two new compositions: Cocktail On The Beach + The Beauty And The Beat. There is talk of an unusual guest musician, at least for the Lambooijhuis gig. Keep you posted.

Poster For upcoming live show

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Hot news: Kazz Live October 11

Posted on: July 31st, 2013 by KAZZ Show   |   No Comments

Kazz announces his only public appearance this year.

Apart from the 4 German Living Room Concerts (which are private performances) in November, he will perform at the Dutch Kunstsociëteit Lambooijhuis in Hengelo, not far from the German border (near Gronau).

Date: October 11 2013

Address: Langestraat 37, 7551 DX Hengelo

Though not 100% sure, we guess the entrance is free, as most of the performances there are for free.

What to expect for the setlist:

Though Kazz has nothing announced yet officially, the show will probably include some Kazzmology material (which has never been performed live yet). Also expect some new material as usual with Kazz live gigs.

Kazz recently visited Lambooijhuis for a jamsession, where he was joined by old Eternal Flame bandmate Aldo Quattrocchi on bass.

More info will follow as we have it.

Kazz jamming at the Lambooijhuis, July 12 2013