About the tracks

Some of the songs go back a long way. Some ideas came up through listening to the play backs of jam sessions at the superb Nix BBBluesclub in Enschede.

“A Good Day For The Blues” is the best example. I sung that title during a slow blues jam after feeling terribly disappointed about a relationship that never was a relationship really. I’ve been keeping singing that line over and over again afterwards at other jams, by and by getting the lyrics more structured and from there it became the song as now recorded, still a basic 12 bar blues song.

“B.Loose” is a songtitle I already wrote down as a possible songtitle in 2005. Just an old habit, to write down songtitles when there isn’t even a song. When I started writing songs the next year, this title immediately jumped to the front. This originally was meant to be a midtempo 12 bar blues with the organ riff played more slowly and the lyrical part in the same tempo. As time went by, the songs went through different phases, ending up with the riff being played in classical hardrock style and the tempo changing to boogie when the vocals join in. I wrote a new solosection after I knew André would join in on guitar because I know he can handle the scales perfectly. Lyricwise the song has changed often. Originally it was meant to give others a shoulder when they felt depressed. It changed when I got depressed myself and give myself a kick in the ass.

“Showcase Of My Dreams” is also a nice example of an original blues song, going through changes. Though it never was a 12 bar blues scale, you can still hear the bluespulse in the bass and drums. When we went into the studio, I had no exact idea how move from the chorus section into the solo part. I just wanted to do something with this Canon theme by Pachelbel, which returns as the guitar solo flows on. One afternoon I came into the studio, when Robert and André said: just listen to what we did. It was perfect! The original lyrics, written in 2006, were rewritten only weeks before we recorded the song. It’s basically about me feeling not to well, to put it mildly, over the past couple of years.

“Where Is Your God” is basically a bluestune, played pretty loud. As a lyricist I return to my roots, back to times, long ago, say early 70s, when I wanted to become a protestsinger. That wasn’t too hard, growing up in a small town where religion seemed to be the most important thing in the cities politics. Man, was I angry! They fooled around with our feelings! Now looking back, 30 years after I left that town, I still feel the anger coming up. I think, the song says it all. Thanks to the beautiful churchchoir singing “where where”. Indeed, sometimes you need to think about it.

“I Could Be You” is about the teenage dream. Together with a girlfriend we used to go crazy in front of a large mirror, pretending we were the big stars we were listenng to. And ofcourse, we were stars until the night was over and I had to go home on my bike through the drizzling rain. No limo in sight!

“(Don’t) Say It’s Alright” is quite a complicated one as it is mixed up with facts and vision. Basically it’s about a woman, desperately seeking for recognition but being put down by people. She really has interesting things to say, but then she ends up in a mindstorm, going nuts. Thinking about it now, this could be about you or me. Don’t we all have these moments, where you think this world is crazy and you are the only who is not?

“Ol’ Piano” was originally a bluessong. It still is but different. It happened more than once to me to fall in love with someone who was, let’s say, ‘different’. The first time it happened I was 15. I slept at a busstop before her home, just to see her going to school the next morning.  And there were other girls, all pretty weird. Though friends always warned me not to get in these situations, I just did the opposite. It was exciting. But does anybody know where the ol’ piano is?