About the recording

Elsewhere you might already have read what happened before the actual recording started.
In the summer of 2009 the three members of Mandrake Root and I got together for the first time at the Meatball Recording Studio in Enschede, The Netherlands.
Two of them (AndrĂ© Romita – guitar and Robert Buitink – drums) I know since a long long time as we had a rockband, Eternal Flame, in the eighties/early nineties.
This was the first time we actually found ourselves together in the same recording studio since 1993 in this setting. From the start it felt really good. The chemistry we once had, returned right there on he spot.
As we only had Saturday afternoons to meet, it was decided to go through the songs, I had written, one by one. A song was rehearsed a couple of times after which the basic tracks were immediately recorded to keep it all as fresh as possible.
You have to know these guys never had heard my songs before. They just jumped right into it.
While rehearsing, the guys really got inspired and added a lot to the original arrangements I had in mind.
So, one by one the songs were worked out and recorded at the same time. Not exactly as we did it 20 years ago, haha. Then we would rehearse for months in a rehearsal room and go in a studio to record a couple of songs in two days. But this way it gave room to let the songs grow more and more. And they did!
So for arrangements all credits go to the orchestra too! What a fine job these guys did! Thanks lads!