40 Years in Business. Acoustic sets.

Posted on: May 9th, 2011 by KAZZ Show   |   2 Comments

Well finally something is going on.

As you may remember, this month it is exactly 40 years ago since KAZZ started his music career, singing on marketplaces with his acoustic guitar.

To mark this event Kazz will perform some short unannounced sets on various market places (Enschede, Hengelo and Almelo) on Saturdays over the next couple of weeks.

Just like 40 ago with his acoustic guitar, playing classic tunes by Bob Dylan, Neil Young and some Dutch heroes like Boudewijn de Groot and Armand, but also a recent tune by AJ Roach.

KAZZ: “It’s very hard to do. I haven’t played guitar for some 33 years. I never was a brilliant guitarist. But it is real fun. I kinda like it. And it will be just for a couple of weeks. And maybe I will do some recording, because I have written a couple of new tunes. Hope to see you.”

Last Saturday Kazz performed a brief set of songs at the birthday party of Hella, one of the Kazzettes on the B.Loose album. Songs included were Heart Of Gold (N. Young), Sears And Roebuck Suit (AJ Roach) and two songs by Dutch songwriter Armand.

We got some pics for you (Thanks Hella)

2 Responses

  1. norbert says:

    gratulation aus waf fürs jubiläum ;-)

    leg noch viele jahre nach ;-)

  2. Morra says:

    now i saw mijself finally as a member of the crowd((2 Last pictures in something dressed like: “turqoise”)It was a nice party due to our Hella…