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Unreleased KAZZ song on YouTube

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For the B.LOOSE album KAZZ wrote many songs. Only 7 were recorded. One of the skipped songs is ‘Chinese restaurant’, a slow blues song about a divorced couple who meet again after 30 years at a restaurant table. Kazz didn’t want two slow blues songs on the album, so he dropped this one, favoring ‘Good Day For The Blues’.
The song was performed twice during jamsessions at the Nix BBBluesclub in Enschede in 2008.
The good news: We have traced one of these rare sessions on YouTube. Find this footage in our YouTube section here

This is the first performance where lyrics were unfinished with Remi and Geert on guitars and Pieter on sax. A second performance (with full lyrics) was included on the limited edition bonus CD (all gone!) that came with the first edition of B.LOOSE.

Also find new additions to The Q’s & A’s section.

If you have or find any pics or filmed stuff with KAZZ featured, please let us know! We appreciate it!

By the way, Dec. 4th is Kazz’ birthday!

At Last: Download for free KAZZ solo debut (1983)

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At last, we have it for you and it is for FREE:

The first ever solo recording by KAZZ, TOO FAR AWAY PLACES, is now available again after being out of print for 23 years.
Recorded with keyboards only and vocals on the 47(!) minutes track CIRCLE OF DESPERATION.
The old analogue tape has been remastered by André Romita at Meatball Recording Studio.

Now rush over here to get your free copy!

Preview and prelisten on KAZZ’ debut from 1983

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In the YouTube section ( at VIEWS) we have for you a special video with a 10 minute preview from the the upcoming rerelease of Kazz’ very first solo recording from 1983. The album, TOO FAR AWAY PLACES, was then released on cassette only. It was out of print since 1987 so we are very happy to have it here for you as a FREE DOWNLOAD in just a couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy the video here

Next up: First solo recording by Kazz for free download

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From various mails that came in, we know some people are looking forward to it.
It will take just a couple of days before we have up it here for you FOR FREE:
the very first, very rare solo recording by Kazz, available for free for all of you, which hasn’t been available since 1987.

Watch out for this.
We have for you the CD cover and inner sleeve, which show the original hand-drawn artwork, done by Kazz himself

Recorded back in 1983 and released only on cassette (anybody remembers cassettes, not Kazzettes?).
Titled TOO FAR AWAY PLACES and released as CASSE, as his name was spelt then.
More on this in just a couple of days.

About the DFB Bluesforum CD Award 2010

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The forum of The Dutch Blues Foundation are about to choose their favorite Dutch blues album of the year 2010.

We were more than happy to see that Kazz’ debut vocal album B.Loose is amongst the nominees.

Until Dec. 17 you can choose three of your favorite (Dutch) albums in the first round. The ten best voted CDs will then go for the second round and try to win the the DBF CD Award 2010.

We invite you to go here
and, ofcourse, you know what to vote!

Please note, you have to register first (which is free) to vote.

Kazz On YouTube

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We have finally got it all together on YouTube.
You will find there clips from the Zoutpop show.
And don’t miss the first official KAZZ videoclip from Showcase Of My Dreams.
This is a spheric impression of the song with lots of pictures, nicely put together.

Kazz announced to have a free download here available from his very first solo recording. It has been put back because he wasn’t really satisfied with the remaster. The latest news is now it will be available within two weeks. You know Kazz, it gotta be good. More on that later.