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Review Kazz at Zoutpop

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What a day! With temperatures about 20°C, a bright shining sun and an audience it couldn’t go wrong.
The Kazz Show opened the 5th Zoutpop Festival, starting just past midday.
The stage was pretty small for a 9-piece band (and even 10 during “Where Is Your God”).
The band played three songs from the B.Loose album:
1. B.Loose
2. Where Is Your God
3. Showcase Of My Dreams

The show went down pretty well, considering they had only two rehearsals to prepare for the gig.

But now here is Kazz’ own story:

“First, I have to tell you how proud I was of all musicians involved. We only had two rehearsals to prepare.
And I must say how happy I was with the two new guys on bass and keyboards, Toots and Bas.
They delivered a great job.
And that goes, ofcourse, for André and Robert.
And the same goes for the ladies, who only had a short rehearsal to prepare.
And another ‘thank you’ for Hugo Waltmann, who joined in on mouthharp during “Where Is Your God”.
Which made it a ten-piece unit. Wow, the stage was way too small.
I think the set went down pretty well. The sound wasn’t too well, but we coped with it.
Sadly we couldn’t do a prepared Ronnie James Dio tribute. We had loved to do “Catch The Rainbow”, but as the setting up of the PA took a bit too long we started a bit late, so there was no time to do it.
The audience was great. Thanks to all who came down at this early hour. Thanks to those, I hadn’t met for a long long time. It was great to meet up with you.”

We hope to have pictures from the show available within a couple of days. The show was filmed by, at least, two people. We keep you updated!

Pssst…. Kazz is on Twitter

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Just found out Kazz is on Twitter without telling anyone!
Go here:

Kazz opens Zoutpop Festival May 24

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We have the latest for you now.

KAZZ will be opening the Zoutpop Festival, starting 12.00 hours (midday, that is!!!)
So make sure to get up early.

Kazz and band have been rehearsing some stuff and this is what is he tells us:

We have been rehearsing a couple songs from the B.LOOSE album. The live band differs a bit from the studio setup. On guitar and drums André Romita and Robert Buitink will play. They also played on B.LOOSE. There have been two new musicians added.
On bass there is Martin Peulen, an experienced musician who can almost play everything.
On keyboards we have a welcome addition with Bas Slaa, a talented young musician. Adding the Kazzettes that makes 9 people on stage. We hope you all come and support. This will be the very first time this songs will be performed live.I am really looking forward to the show.

As said before, The Zoutpop Festival takes place on Monday May 24th in Boekelo, Netherlands. It is very close to the city of Enschede.
There is no fee, so it is for FREE.
It is known as the smallest but cosiest festival of the country.
You won’t be bored with 20 acts on 2 stages between 12 o’clock midday and 18.00 o’clock, a flee market on the village streets, all pubs open, children attractions.
The Zoutpop organisation have (again) succeeded in getting some of the most interesting bands. Some very young, and some a bit older, like Appie Daalmeijer, who will close the festival with a solo performance, celebrating 50 years in music, Iike Kazz celebrating 40 years since he wrote his first song (still 10 more years to go, chap)

So, come on with your cameras and send your pictures (see Contact), so can make a nice collage. Put your movies on You Tube and send us the links.

More info on the festival with full program is here

Here is the full line up:

Kazz remembers Ronnie James Dio

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Message from Kazz:
“One of my favorite rocksingers died today. Ronnie James Dio. What a voice!”
Read more at Kazztalks

Remembering Ronnie James Dio

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Tonight the news reached me of the death of one of my favorite rock singers ever, Ronnie James Dio. Once the singer with Rainbow, later with Black Sabbath and own band Dio, then with a revamped Black Sabbath, which they had to call Heaven & Hell.
Ronnie was a great singer. He wrote great melody lines, which often were not easy to sing. Surely not a shouter or screamer. This guy really could sing.
I met him on a couple of occasions during the Rainbow days. He was such a nice person.
There are many songs related to Ronnie. The stand out classic for me is Rainbow’s Catch The Rainbow, but he delivered also unforgettable tunes like Man On The Silver Mountain, Stargazer, Gates Of Babylon (all with Rainbow), Heaven and Hell (with Black Sabbath) and ofcourse the great Holy Diver album with his own band).
I remember seeing him at a Rockpalast broadcast with Heaven And Hell last year, thinking: what a way to rock at this age.
Sadly a stomach cancer came up, a hard thing to deal with.
I remember Ronnie. Hope you catch the almighty Rainbow.

Free download album Transformation: the Last Journey

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TRANSFORMATION; THE LAST JOURNEY was an album released by Kazz in 2006.
It is an experimental album, call it a soundscape, where Kazz tried to make a soundtrip of how it would it have felt to walk through the area, that was destroyed after the huge fireworks explosion the night after the Big Bang, now 10 years ago
Now, with the tenth ‘anniversary’ of the disaster, Kazz decided to give you the music for free. As he states: “This was probably the most emotional electronic album I have ever recorded and probably never will.”
Get you free download here

Update First Kazz Show

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Here is the latest from Kazz Headquarters:

The show is now definitely on.

The band will include Robert and André, who did a great job on the album. Added are two new musicians. On bass there will be Toots. Also added is an extra keyboardplayer.

Keep you updated later this week.