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Eternal Flame 2003 Reunion

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This week we received a wonderful series of pictures from the Eternal Flame reunion, which took place at the Nix BBBluesclub in Enschede, April 25 2003. The band performed in their original line up, 10 years after disbanding. All pictures were made by Watsoni. Thank you for donating these rare pics. Check them out at History.

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Hi all you fellow music lovers,

This is goin’ to be my private corner on this space of the web. As it is private, you are invited to respond. Maybe we can create a sort of interaction or whatever. Feel free to react.
Ofcourse, this will be mainly about music.
I am a music freak, that’s set. Since I was about 8 or 9 music has been a driven force in my life. And more important: since I wrote my first song rule number one was: just do what I want to do, no compromises.
Well, up until now I can say that’s what I’ve done. BUT IT AIN’T EASY! And it didn’t make me a millionaire!
Having such a wide musical taste as I have, doesn’t make it easy. For some 14 years I’ve been singing in bands which would now been categorized as classic rock bands. Bands, influenced by the likes of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Iron Maiden and so on. Great years, and I loved every minute of it.
But in private life I also loved music by great songwriters like Van Morrison, John Hiatt or Peter Hammill, to name just a few. Every time when I went to one of their concerts, I had thoughts like: wouldn’t it be great to do something in that direction.
Well, playing in such a classic rock band generally means you can’t change too much.
Just because the audience might find it too hard to identify themselves.
Just this happened in the final year of the best band I’ve ever played with, Eternal Flame.
We’d been playing our basic hard rock music for about five years, faced a change in the line up with a new bassplayer. And there we went. Writing a lot of new songs, trying out a lot of different things (there even was a song where I had to RAP). Initially it felt good to do something different, on the other hand one might say: the band lost sense of direction.
And just that, loosing sense of direction, kills a band.
Which was pretty sad.
The band split up, while still being good friends.

I hear you say: what are you trying to say?
Well just this. You can define your direction and narrow it and go ahead. But there will come a day where you will meet your limits.
And just that is why B.Loose was such a great album to make. Blues was the starting point but there were no boundaries, everything could happen as it happened. Just like I use to say: It’s not just a blues album – it’s much more than that.

With love from me to you

Listen now

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As you may have noticed you can play now a 13 minute preview of B.Loose.

We are still working on a way to make a digital download of the album possible.

You can order a physical CD just simply by sending us a mail, see contact. Prices for EU are 10 euro, incl. p&p. Outside EU it is 15 euro.

The first pressing of B.Loose came with a bonus CD called Jamming With Kazz, only available for visitors of the Nix BBBluesclub.  This edition is now SOLD OUT. It contained 79 minutes of recordings from various jam sessions at the NIX BBBluesclub, recorded between 2006-2009.

New archive pics added

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Another set of pictures from the archives has been added to the Views section.
If you have any material from The Jam Sessions at The Nix BBBluesclub, please let us know!

Oh here we go

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This is going to be a space where I will talk about things that are related to all kinds of stuff, probably mostly related to music but not necessarily.

Would be nice to have some kind of interaction with you, so you are invited to write your comments (English please!).


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Welcome all you music lovers.

Always find the latest news on Kazz here.

Kazz’ first vocal CD B.Loose has just been released by Meatball Records. You will find all details on the album under About B.Loose. There is a lot of information on the recording and ┬áthe tracks.

There is an extensive discography on Kazz recordings from the past.

This is only the beginning. A lot of things are being prepared which will be added.

Have fun!